Not Funny JUDY JEAN KWON Jokes About 7-Year-Old Boy’s Penis

Judy Jean Kwon

In the latest round of wannabe Los Angeles entertainers without any talent whatsoever, we have Judy Jean Kwon of YoMamaRice, MILFriendTV by Commonwealth Creative, America Redefined Podcast, and a few other companies/sites/podcasts/whatever that you’ve never heard of.

And unless you like sick jokes about children’s private parts, you aren’t missing much.

Yes, you heard me.

Kwon Is Seriously Disturbing and Not Funny.

Pretty much the only thing Judy Jean Kwon is known for is making a seriously disturbing “joke” about how a 7-year-old should have his penis modified to suit his future girlfriend’s sexual preferences.

The gist of her bit is that her friend’s 7-year-old son is a “pussy” and to help him actually get with a girl later on she should have his penis circumcised or else the girl will scream in horror at his junk.

She then makes equally not funny jokes about the appearance of the normal, natural, male genitalia.

Um, creepy much, Judy?  Do you really want your comedic claim to fame to be a joke about a child’s genitals?  What a sick pervert.

Hey Judy, Are You Circumcised?

Also, Judy, quick question for you: are you circumcised?

No?  Then have you seen your own private parts lately?  Way more folds of skin and moist nooks and crannies where “moths can hide” than a single foreskin.  But of course I’m sure you wouldn’t have been happy if your parents had taken off bits and pieces when you were a little girl.

So if you’re not cool with skin folds on human genitalia, I would suggest that you go and get yours cut off first. ✂️🌮

Here’s the Video.

Anyway, you can see her entire bit on Youtube below.

Warning: even without the whole joking-about-children’s-genitalia thing, the lack of funny is cringeworthy.

I usually feel sorry for wannabe stand-ups when their comedy is just bad, but I actually relish in watching this sick freak fail so hard.

But of course, despite the fact that what little laughs she gets are horribly awkward, narcissistic Judy Jean Kwon is actually proud of this bit, so much so that she features it on her site YoMamaRice.

And of course, she claims that this material is “not for the sensitive or politically correct.”

Um, sorry, Judy.  It’s more like this material is not for anyone with half a brain.

If you haven’t noticed, body shaming went out of fashion a long time ago.

Could You Imagine a Male Comedian Joking About a 7-Year-Old Girl’s Genitals?

This is the equivalent of a man making jokes about how the uncircumcised female genitalia looks like roast beef or chewed-up bubble gum and smells like Bumble Bee tuna.

And then suggesting to his friend that he have his 7-year-old daughter’s vulva labiaplastied because her future boyfriend might be appalled by it.

But of course, that would never happen. I doubt that a male comedian could get away with jokes about cutting off parts of a 7-year-old girl’s genitals for the sake of her future boyfriend.

Nor should he.

Nor should you about cutting off parts of a 7-year-old boy’s genitals.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

Judy Jean Kwon is Not Funny.  She’s Repulsive.

This is not funny.  This is not edgy.

This is repulsive.  Just like you.

So get a grip.  Maybe bust out an anatomy textbook and learn that you have a “ski mask that’s been on for days” as well.

And no, I’m not being “sensitive.” I’m just calling out hypocritical, narcissistic B.S. as I see it.

Until you can do comedy intelligently, I suggest you stay out of it. Sexist locker room humor doesn’t really work on adults.

Judy’s Response

UPDATE: looks like Judy Jean Kwon has responded to people calling her out on her disgusting words.  Unfortunately, her response isn’t any more intelligent than her comedy.

Judy Jean Kwon Actress

She wonders (wanders?) if “there is an organization for woman’s sexual organ[s] like “protect the boob and do not implant.”

Wow.  It’s little wonder you haven’t gotten very far in your career, Judy.

For one thing, breasts aren’t “sexual organs.”

And for another, the issue here is bodily autonomy.  When a woman gets breast implants, that’s her choice.

That is completely different than parents electing surgery on their children’s genitals, which is apparently something you believe is OK for parents to do to their male children.

The more apt analogy would be parents having a part of their daughter’s genitals cut off, not a woman getting breast implants.

Oh and look here:

Judy Jean Kwon Los Angeles

Does Judy Jean Kwon not realize that she sounds very much like Trump with her body-shaming, locker room humor?

I feel bad for this woman.

She thinks she sounds edgy and funny and entertaining and oh-so-now.

But she just sounds ignorant, sexist, awkward, and behind the times.

About notyourstocut

Genital Autonomy For All. Her Body, Her Choice. His Body, His Choice.


  1. Yeppers

    (I love this review! Thank you)
    Judy is an idiot. She has so few friends and after spending time with her, I understand why. She’s mean spirited, not cool to be around. Did you hear the one or two people clapping in the background of her stand up? That was the funniest part of the routine. Listening to the lone clapping. Which was most certainly her weirdo husband/ATM machine.

    This attempt at being a comedian is a (sad) last resort for the epic fail she is as a human being.


  2. Russell Pendergraft

    Mutilation of Either sex is a Sick thing,I’m uncut and would Never think a woman should be mutilated for me to find her attractive,American women are SO in the dark about Foreskins,they say sex hurts,if there partner was uncut it wouldn’t be an isue!


  3. Tom

    Does she not see the irony in saying “mind your own business” and “everyone has their own opinions and preferences?”

    Right, we all do, but it’s only your preference of someone else’s body that results in someone else’s penis getting cut. Everyone has preferences. Their penis is not your business.


  4. Russell Pendergraft

    Anyone On A Stage Joking About Child Mutilation Should Be Literally Kicked Off Stage With A Large Boot In There Asses,What A Stupid Bitch!!!!


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