My Body, My Choice vs. My Child, My Choice


To every parent who says, “He’s my child, and I can cut a part of his genitals off if I want to!”, I say this:

Parents do not have a right to do whatever they want to their child, especially when it comes to cutting off living, healthy bits and pieces of the child’s body. In that area parents are severely restricted. It is strangely enough only the penis that they are allowed to cut into. Parents who start cutting off or into any other living, healthy part of their child’s body as they see fit–and this includes similar folds of tissue of their daughter’s genitals, which I will remind you have more folds and are more prone to UTIs, yeast infections, odor, smegma, HPV, HIV from unprotected intercourse, most STDs from unprotected intercourse, and of course hygiene issues–would soon face charges and/or psychiatric treatment.

But, bizarrely enough, they do not face such consequences if they cut into the child’s penis. That is why it’s everyone’s business: to stop that absurd exception, i.e., to treat boys’ bodies, and especially their genitals, with the same dignity we grant to girls and their genitals. His body, his choice–or do you believe that only applies to females?

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Genital Autonomy For All. Her Body, Her Choice. His Body, His Choice.


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  2. Being circumcised is not fun hurts of course baby crys but he won’t remember it more hygienic he will think you later I promise I was circumcised at 30 years old by my own choice so I know


    • “he won’t remember it”

      So it’s OK to hurt children as long as they won’t remember it?

      “more hygienic”

      If you’re concerned about genital hygiene, you’re focusing on the wrong gender.

      “he will think you later I promise”

      You cannot possibly know this, but it’s becoming increasingly doubtful that children born today will be thankful to their parents for cutting off a part of their genitalia.

      “I was circumcised at 30 years old by my own choice so I know”

      Read this:

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    • paranova9

      I REMEMBER, you god damn fu¢king r3tard. are you going to molest your daughter because she won’t remember? do you rape women with roofies because they won’t remember? you don’t know jack king shlt, other than all the cultural myths used to justify one of the most extreme human rights violations in the world.

      “Yikes. Well its over & it was horrible (even from the other room with my fingers in my ears) – Kate Schnell.
      I stood outside the building. And could still hear him cry. – Brittany Allen”
      “It was the most horrific sight I have ever seen and it still haunts me to this day. I can tell you that circumci$ion was EXTREMELY painful for my newborn baby boy. He had the painkiller and the nerve block but still he cried so hard that he turned purple in the face.” – R.J. Bly
      “I’m sobbing. The baby’s screaming. The doctor’s cutting. There’s blood everywhere. And the doctor looked into my face and said, ‘There’s no medical reason for doing this.'” – Marilyn
      “He turned blue, started breathing frantically, and cried incessantly. Finally, doctors discovered that the crying had caused the baby’s right lung to burst. A drainage tube was inserted and the baby was hospitalized for nineteen days.”
      “The baby cried vehemently throughout the ninety-minute ordeal. After the surgery, the baby refused to feed. His abdomen became distended and doctors discovered that his stomach had ruptured, requiring emergency abdominal surgery and the insertion of a feeding tube. After twenty-five days in the hospital, the baby was released. This baby had a perfectly normal stomach when he was born, but the trauma, excruciating pain of circumci$ion, and his prolonged crying caused his stomach to burst and spill its contents into the abdominal cavity.”

      “The reality of pain memory (and birth memory) is confirmed by a mother whose premature baby was shunted for hydrocephalus without painkillers and while paralyzed with curare. Large incisions were cut in his scalp, neck, and abdomen and a hole drilled in his skull. She writes that ten years after the operation her son will still not allow anyone to touch his head, neck, and abdomen in the areas touched during surgery. The mere sight of the hospital provokes in this child violent trembling, profuse sweating, screaming, struggling, and vomiting.”


    • paranova9

      hygiene: ie “moral hygiene”. ie “circumcision is cleaner, because masturbation is dirty, and circumcision cures masturbation”… see, you’re so stupld that you don’t even know your own argument.
      foreskin isn’t dirty. men are not dirty. sadistic child molesters who butcher children’s genitals are DIRTY – Obscene – Pornographic – Lewd – Vile – Mean – Sordid – Contemptible.
      for 125 years or more, circumcision was sold to puritan american fu¢king r3tards like you as a punishment and cure for masturbation.


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