A Modest Proposal

breast cancer

If prophylactic infant breast bud removal is adopted en masse, we could completely WIPE OUT breast cancer–which will affect 1 in 8 American women and kills over 40,000 women EACH YEAR in the United States ALONE! This is more women than men who die annually in the United States from penis cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, AIDS, and STD-related deaths…COMBINED.

Think of all the sisters and mothers and daughters who would still be with us today! Think of the impact on female life expectancy! Think of the cost-benefit analysis, considering the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on treatment options as well as research funding that could be allocated to other noble endeavors!

To put that last bit in perspective, consider that the breast cancer research budget is currently twice that of lung cancer research. If we eliminate breast cancer via this simple procedure, and allocate all breast cancer research funds to lung cancer research, we could effectively triple the lung cancer research budget. And as we know, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women. We could quite conceivably, with the routine adoption of a simple procedure on baby girls at birth, come very close to eradicating the two leading causes of cancer deaths among women in the United States. Almost 200,000 LIVES SAVED (40,000 breast cancer deaths; 70,000 female lung cancer deaths; 85,000 male lung cancer deaths)–ANNUALLY. This could be HUGE.

If we act swiftly, my friends, we could erase the stigma of having pleasurable, erogenous tissue excised from the female body and replaced with a scar. The breasts could go from an object of sexual desire and pleasure to an object of ridicule and disgust. In one generation it would become completely normal for women to be breastless and for women with breasts to be seen as dirty (boob stank and cheese anyone?), disease-prone, and at an alarmingly early risk of death. And as we all know, removing an infant’s breast buds is far less traumatic and painful than performing a double mastectomy on a grown woman. We could even come up with a little strapping board to hold them down while we perform the excision. And she won’t remember the pain.  🙂

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