Whenever a smug American female talks about how “gross and wrinkly” the natural male genitals are, kindly direct her to this page. Submissions welcome. Thanks in advance.

 photo RoastBeef_zps4b368fe8.jpgvaginas

Why aren't girls circumcised?


Source for circular graph above: http://www.circumstitions.com/Utis.html
Citation: Conway PH1, Cnaan A, Zaoutis T, Henry BV, Grundmeier RW, Keren R. “Recurrent urinary tract infections in children: risk factors and association with prophylactic antimicrobials.” JAMA. 2007 Jul 11;298(2):179-86.

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  2. concerned cynic

    Most people I know would reject this post out of hand, for being too brutally graphic. A lot of people I interact with do not know that tens of thousands of people have uploaded to the internet closeups of their genitalia. Hence this is the first time in human history when people who are neither doctors nor nurses can get a good idea of what the human private parts look like, in all their variety. That shaving the pubic hair has also come into fashion only makes things more graphic.
    I suspect that a deep reason why routine infant circumcision is being questioned is that it is easy to find on the internet closeups of the intact penis. Many American women have discovered that they do not find the natural penis more disgusting than the altered penises they are accustomed to.
    Many African and some Islamic cultures shorten the labia minora of girls, believing that prominent labia are unsanitary, and make women too randy. There are blogs devoted to the shame some women feel about their labia. Many English speaking women comment and guest post in those blogs, saying that they have struggled with a deep fear that the way their labia hang out will lead to their rejection as sexual partners. Both genders are at risk of deep seated insecurities similar to the kind that drive routine infant circumcision.


    • paranova9

      “brutally graphic”???!!! so, they obviously have never seen a baby boy’s genitals being butchered without anesthesia. but anyways, it just goes to show how much the puritan fu¢king r3tard insanity is prevalent in america; …americans are AFRAID of genitals, and any kind of sex/sexuality in general; aka erotophobia.

      routine infant circumcision is being questioned – because i am a victim of infant bladerape-torture-mutilation, i remember, i’m not fu¢king thankful.

      unsanitary… you are confusing physical hygiene with moral hygiene. “circumcision cures masturbation” – prior to 1970.
      DIRTY” Obscene – Pornographic – Lewd – Vile – Mean – Sordid – Contemptible

      “Many American women have dis…” these women don’t think for themselves, they only repeat what the witch doctor told them, what they say is of no value… it is the result of a carefully contrived, massive brainwashing campaign against children. a 13+ year long campaign, supplemented by hollywood movies, telieviesion, and all other forms of j3wish media.


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  4. paranova9

    Whenever a smug American female talks about how “gross and wrinkly” the natural male genitals are, kindly demand she circumcise her own ¢unt without anesthesia (the way baby boys get it), or better yet – her neck… and if you’re lucky enough not to have been born to one of these stupld ¢unts (and still have your foreskin), be glad that it will prevent you from making the mistake of putting your dlck in one of these worthless whores.


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