Claire’s Labiaplasty (NSFW Video)

Clearly Claire’s parents should have had her done at birth so she wouldn’t have to go through this as an adult, after dealing with recurrent yeast infections (which she refers to as “thrush”) and genital discomfort due to her labia.  And come on.  What man wants to look at (much less touch or perform oral sex on ) those hideous, odorous folds of moist, wrinkly, pink flesh?  Beef flaps anyone?  Yuck.  This should have been done before she remembered it.

Warning: NSFW (medical nudity).

It’s at least plausible that removing a girl’s labia at birth would have NOMINAL health benefits in that there is one less fold of skin to rinse in the case of hygienic incompetency, just like removing a boy’s foreskin at birth may have NOMINAL health benefits in that there is one less fold of skin to rinsein the case of hygienic incompetency.  Labial adhesions affect up to 2% of girls aged 3 months to six years, and “about 20 per cent of girls with labial adhesions develop asymptomatic bacteriuria (bacteria in the urine without symptoms of infection) and up to 40 per cent experience urinary tract infections.”  Cut the flaps off at birth, and you eliminate the risk of this happening.

Moreover, sometimes during puberty, a young woman’s labia minora become hypertrophic, meaning they extend past the labia majora.  This is a risk factor for UTIs.  No labia = no labial hypertrophy = reduced risk of UTIs.  Full study here.

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