The Biggest Risk Factor and the Quickest Path to Change

The biggest risk of circumcising a baby boy–and the one that the CDC, AAP, and others choose to ignore–is that the boy will grow up to be a man who prefers that he was not circumcised. Therefore, we believe that the quickest path to lasting change in this country is if circumcised men get educated on what they lost and express their resentment loudly and clearly. If we can educate 25-34-year-old-men and get even 5% of them to express resentment over their circumcision, that is a historical (and growing) complication rate of 5%. That is a risk factor that the CDC, AAP, etc., simply cannot ignore when they make their statements about infant male circumcision, and a risk factor that parents simply cannot ignore when making the decision to circumcise.

Think about it: “5% of 18-35-year-old circumcised men resent their parents’ decision to circumcise them.”  That should be enough to scare the vast majority of parents away from circumcising their baby boy.  Critical mass will be reached, and a massive cultural shift with respect to circumcision will occur.

There are about 20,000,000 18-35-year old men living in the United States today.  Let’s assume 60% of them (12,000,000) are circumcised.  5% is only 600,000.  This movement is growing.  Let’s keep pushing speaking truth and pushing toward the goal in 2015!

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Genital Autonomy For All. Her Body, Her Choice. His Body, His Choice.


  1. The man in the photo was driven to suicide by malicious bullshit like this.


  2. What’s malicious bullshit is the idea that cutting normal, healthy, functional parts off babies forever does men any good at all.


  3. That cutters can try to use a poor victim like him to try to gaslight us… :shakes head:


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